Keller Easterling

Active forms build disposition— a conditioning substrate or an infrastructural chemistry immanent in organization. That disposition is politically powerful in that it can disappear and be discrepant, but it can also serve as the foundational medium that decides what survives. Active forms are meta-agents that can create a sea change that precludes the fight. While those political traditions that call for inversions and revolutions often call for the absolute annihilation of the preceding system, a lateral dispositional shift need not foreclose on the ongoing reconditioning or revolutionizing of a spatio-political climate. Even more elaborate political dispositions (e.g. patency, redundancy, hierarchy, recursivity, resilience, aggression, submission, exclusion, collusion or duplicity) can be stored in the geometry, logic, arrangement and economic mandates of global spatial networks. The weather-changing, medium-changing, compounding capacities of dispositional activism make it among the most powerful infrastructural tools of urbanism.