Keller Easterling

No Normal: The Tri-State Region (the New York–Newark, NY–NJ–CT–PA Combined Statistical Area) has a population of 23.5 million and an area of 13,852.3 square miles. Taiwan has a population of 23.78 million and an area if 13,974 square miles. The densely populated rail corridors between New Haven and Philadelphia and between Taipei and Kaohsiung City are similar in length—180 miles and 218.7 miles respectively. The Tri-State Region has had 500,000+ cases and 40,000+ deaths from COVID-19. And the economic shutdown has been punishing. Taiwan has had 441 cases and 7 deaths from COVID-19. And the response did not require an economic shutdown. Even adjusting by powers of ten to account for differing sentiments about government and privacy in the two countries, you can still take the curse off of urban density and transit. Taiwan only provides yet another X-ray. The US is not sick from COVID-19. The US has a case of WHITENESS, inequality and ineffectual government in both parties. Normal is lethal. No normal. source:” .