Keller Easterling

Diana Balmori, Deborah Berke, Peggy Deamer, Keller Easterling; with Ben Bischoff, Mike Tower, Theodore Whitten, Matt Kelley, Takanori Fukuoka, Javier Gonzalez Campaña, Nathan Howe, Karen Lau, Cecelia B. Martinic, Jeffrey M. Tucker

The Yale team, led by Diana Balmori, Deborah Berke, Peggy Deamer, and Keller Easterling, reinvent both the housing structure and the landscape from economic and environmental perspectives. The design and construction approach for the housing blocks has been chosen to minimize cost and maximize speed while creating an extremely energy-efficient building, which could then be deployed at a variety of densities. The landscape strategy minimizes or does away with the need to rebuild a “hard” drainage and sewer system, by proposing a natural infrastructure that handles drainage, and the use of a “living machine” to treat effluents created on the site.