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MANY is a platform to facilitate migration through an exchange of needs. It serves people who might say, “We don’t want your citizenship or your victimhood or your segregation or your bad jobs. We don’t want to stay.”

Working around national obstructions, MANY reflects the persistence of resourceful people making secure group-to-group connections. Shorter project-based journeys that trade in non-market exchanges of time and training are generated and aggregated for global credentials.
There are no haves and have nots, and no solutions—only needs and problems to put together.

MANY is a heavy information system that exists to build spatial networks and cosmopolitan mobility. Cities can bargain with their underexploited space to attract a changing influx of talent and resources—matching their needs to the needs of mobile people to generate mutual benefits.
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MANY contributors
Kate Altman
Nilas Andersen
Michelle Badr
Jacob Bendicksen
Santiago Del Hierro
Neil Donnelly
Adam Feldman
Nicholas Herrera
Paul J. Lorenz
Mariana Riobom
Radhika Singh
Dina Taha
Maggie Tsang
Julie Turgeon
Shuyi Yin

Brian Cash
Ayham Ghraowi
Bernd Kasparek
David Kim
Ahmet Ogut
Kim Rygiel
Pelin Tan

Institutional Support:
Yale School of Architecture, Dean Deborah Berke
Tsai Center for Innovation at Yale, Director Andrew McLaughlin
Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation and Design, Director Vincent Wilczynski

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